Work Watches: Which Style Best Suits Your Career

Wearing a watch to work is essential for a complete work outfit, and depending on what your profession is, there are some tips and tricks to which style best suits your work day. Naturally, you can wear whatever style you find comfortable and what goes with the outfit, but if you’re unsure or you want some more styles to add to your work watch collection, here’s a look at the best style of work watches to suit your career.


Formal Work Attire

Subtle and sleek are the first thoughts that come to mind with work watches to match formal attire, a subtle face with rich detail for the user will work perfectly, and won't take too much attention away for the complete outfit. With formal attire, balance is key, having shoes that match the outfit is a similar idea to wearing your work watch. A thin, sleek strap works best too, a mesh or a dark leather offers the reliability every girl needs in the work environment. If your outfit is already reserved, you could add some flare with a unique strap, like our white marble or floral designs, they’ll add some depth to the full ensemble, but they won’t be too distracting!


Smart Casual

The beauty of a smart/casual dress code is that there are minimal rules in place, and the same trait goes for your work watches. If you lean more towards the smart side of the dress code, having a jewellery inspired timepiece can work well to take some attention from the outfit. Something inspired by crystals or a bracelet watch would be perfect. If you prefer the jeans and top comfortable look, a subtle watch will work well naturally with the outfit, having a relaxed look with a bold timepiece can at times, make you feel a little underdressed.



Working in the sports industry whether it’s playing, teaching or training, a smartwatch is a natural choice to go for! It’s not necessarily that they look better with gymwear, but more about how much practicality the users can get out of the watch. Being able to track your performance while working on a day to day basis, as well as telling the time serves a lot more purpose rather than a conventional timepiece. You’ll just can to save you classic work watches for your free time.