Why Quartz is the Best Watch Movement

When your browsing for a watching there’s always few things you like to consider, the face, strap and the designer. As important as it is to find a beautiful watch that you find aesthetically pleasing, it’s also good to know what else you’re purchasing mechanically and at times reading in the info that the watch is quartz movement isn’t enough. Here a look at why Harper Rose uses the quartz design in our watches and why we think it’s the best watch movement type.


To explain a little about the quartz movement style, it’s how the watch mechanically moves on the inside and the reason the Harper Rose watches function so well. Quartz was created in 1969, which makes it the youngest and best watch movement, when you consider its functionality and affordability. The quartz hand movement is also unique, the way it operates causes the two hands to move with their own individual ticks, where with other movement types both hands move which each other very slowly to the point you would notice it.



When compared to automatic and manual watches, the Quartz main difference is that it is battery powered, which in turn means it never needs manually winding up. Some see using batteries as a disadvantage, but commonly a watch battery only needs changing after around two years which is considered to be very low maintenance. 


Less Likely to Break

Because to watch movements need to be manually wound up, they are more inclined to need repairs the older they get. Quartz uses a simple system in their design which means they rarely require repairs, which is another reason they are seen as the best watch movement in a lot of people opinions.



Even though a quartz watch requires a battery, it’s still considered as one to the slimmer watch faces you can purchase. Because a manual watch has a lot more moving pieces inside and a mainspring that uses movement to power the watch, although it’s an impressive feature of tradition, it means mechanical watches need to be heavier, thicker and handmade, which also means their price is more.


Harper Rose considers quartz as the best watch movement type because of all these features. Using a quartz movement type means Harper Rose watches can be designed without any restrained and our true creativity can be seen in every timepiece. The best watch movement can always come down to opinion and the technicality of watch a user desires, but we find the quartz movement to meet our high standards perfectly.