What to Buy a Guy: Unique Gift Ideas for Men

It might seem a little early in some girl’s eyes, but as it starts to become colder, shopping fever begins to appear, and then you can't help but wonder what you’re buying for your partner as their next gift. They might be the mysterious type, or you’ve stumbled into a brick wall when it comes to good ideas, luckily Harper Rose has been thinking of some unique gift ideas for men, so whether it’s your anniversary, his birthday or you thinking about Christmas early here’s our take on unique gift ideas for men.



If the guy in question enjoys a drink or two, a decanter is a great gift. It can be used for wine and spirits and helps with enriching the taste as they are poured from their original bottle to the decanter. It works as a unique gift idea for men because thousands of different shapes and sizes can be purchased and a decanter also works well as an ornament in the home. There’s plenty of vintage and novelty styles to choose from, and you could even buy him a bottle of his favourite spirit to get started.


A Scratch Map

If he enjoys travelling around the world, then this will be the perfect unique gift idea. A scratch map is a poster of the world, and each country can be scratched off as you’ve travelled to it. It works as inspiration for your next destination and helps with keeping track of all his globe-trotting. All different sizes are available, and it might work best as a stocking filler as they are very affordable.


Framed Art

You might have to do a little bit of research, but getting something he loves framed adds a lot more thought into your gift choice. Whether it’s his favourite music album cover, a movie or something else he enjoys. A good frame that matches his room and a picture you know he’ll like is one of the best unique gift ideas for men.


A Watch

At Harper Rose, we know a watch is a perfect gift for anyone, and if you know him well, you’ll be able to grasp what type of watch he’ll want. Whether it's a classic dress watch or modern mess design, the thought behind buying a watch and the idea that he can use it every day is enough to make it the perfect gift for a special occasion.


Luxury Travel Case

Sometimes the best gifts are ideas that he wouldn't buy for himself, and a travel case isn’t something everyone considers spending much money on. But if your man is someone that loves to further their personal development and look professional, purchasing a luxury designer or a premium travel case is something he’ll appreciate every time he goes away. A smaller travel case is useful and tends to last years, plus if you’re going to wrap it up, he’ll never guess what he’s going to be opening, making this one of our best unique gift ideas for men.


Hopefully, you’ve loved one of the unique gift ideas for men we’ve mentioned, or at the very least, this blog has inspired a different idea!