What is your watch saying about you?

It’s obvious when watching any red carpet event that the most important faces of Hollywood all have their own branded watch. This is seen with them wherever they appear; both on and off-screen.

A luxury watch is a statement, it completes any look and a famous figure’s choice of a brand can mean everything. For every actress’ impressive Dior gown featured in Vogue, there’s an equally extraordinary piece found upon a star’s wrist.

Leonardo DiCaprio is never seen without his TAG Heuer, whilst Orlando Bloom famously sports a collection of Rolexes. And the latest face of Bond himself – Daniel Craig – is a huge fan of Omega. Each icon has to have their own brand in order to stand out from the crowd. Your brand is your voice, it’s your style and your own very personal choice.

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Not everybody prefers the overly-flashy Rolex to a more understated piece which is just as well made and will make an equally bold statement. Here are the five key reasons why finding your own particular brand of a timepiece is a big decision.

Be aware of the world around you. Social and political activism amongst important figures like celebrities is becoming more and more common. For example, Angelina Jolie, who has been named the UN Good Will Ambassador, chooses a watch company unknown to most, because of their affiliations with charities across the world.

Choose progress.

In the modern world, the symbol of the independent woman is growing. And with it is the number of female celebrities who choose to show their independence through a statement timepiece for a more polished, business-like look. Beyoncé is a perfect example of this. The queen herself flaunts a massive jewel-encrusted piece wherever she goes.

Achieve the air of confidence. Have you ever wondered why you see so many famous actors and musicians wearing suits, even though they never spend their days at the office?

Wearing a luxury timepiece is exactly like wearing a classic tailored suit. It completes the professional look, which in turn says ‘I mean business’, whatever industry you’re in. Which is exactly why everybody is going for the business look.

Your suit and watch are key components to the effortlessly immaculate appearance.

Gain something lasting. Luxury watches are always created to go hand in hand with a high impact lifestyle, with features from scratch-proof materials, to the waterproof casing.

A quality timepiece will be with you wherever you go, whatever you do. Your patent leather brogues may scuff, or lose their shape and shine over time. But a well-made wrist-watch will last many years, making it a great investment.

Be a good sport.

Any sportsman or woman involved with Wimbledon knows that in sport, every second count.

Wimbledon and Rolex have always come as a pair just as time and sport have. To wear a timepiece is to carry the ticking seconds with you, ensuring preciseness and dedication all the time, because time is precious.