This wasn't easy for me to write....

I will have to be very honest with you, this was not an easy blog for me to write… My name is Jake and I am one of the Directors and Co-Founders here at Harper Rose Watches.

For a long while we made the decision to be anonymous and let the brand speak for itself. But over time we came to realise that we NEED to share the reasons we do what we do.

I love our watches. I love our brand. And I love what we stand for here at Harper Rose. For these reasons, allow me to share my story…

“Ever since I was a little boy my mum taught me that you don’t have to be the fastest, the strongest or the bravest to be successful. She taught me, that all you need is drive.

From the moment I was born, my mum was the one true constant in my life. My dad worked away for most of my childhood and this meant my mum raised me almost single handed – encouraging me to always follow my dreams.

My story began when I was just 7 years old and my mum took me to Disney world! That experience changed my life as it was then that I started to believe in magic.

For the next 5 years; my mum took me to every birthday, wedding and office party up and down the country to support my ambition to become a real-life wizard.

However, the journey wasn’t so simple. All my life my mum’s favourite saying has been “If you want something badly enough – you’ll make it happen”. Emphasis on the you.

In order to support to my magic my mum encouraged me to do everything from cleaning cars to shovelling snow. So that I could raise the funds to meet my heroes Penn and Teller in Las Vegas.

It took 5 years of saving, and 5 years of hard work. But eventually I got the chance to perform to my heroes face to face.

My mum had now truly showed me for the first time that I could do ANYTHING.

It is these ideals. These values. And the belief that my one true role model had in me that led me to help create a business in her image.

Here at Harper Rose we are a company that believes in the power of strong beautiful women just like my mum. So, if you are looking for a watch that doesn’t pretend to be pretentious and a watch that reflects our focus towards graceful elegance. Then please join our family and share our journey with us.”