Summer Shopping - A Neckline Guide

Summer is finally here! After a long winter of scarves, knit caps and dark color palettes, it’s time to revitalize and bring back the flowy dresses and bright colors we know and love. Amidst the barbecues, waterslides and Pina Coladas, you may have pulled out last year’s summer wardrobe and noticed it needs a little pick-me-up. But before you jump in the car and head over to your nearest summer sale, check out these tips for finding the perfect summer neckline styles for your body:


This trendy neckline style is a statement piece on its own, and is a great look for both swimsuits and fashion tops. It can even be a great style for the workplace, for those of us to whom “summer break” is only a happy memory. Consider adopting this summer style if you fall on the bustier side, as it has a way of flattering curves without adding weight. If you’re looking to add some halter tops to your closet, remember to pick up a halter-style bra as well!

Off the Shoulder

This style is one of the top fashion trends this season; it’s a super flexible look, perfect for everything from beach parties to amusement parks. Ladies with petite, narrow shoulders or those looking to draw attention up from their midsection will love this chic neckline. This rather Bohemian look goes great with a statement necklace and a blissfully casual hairstyle.


Strapless tops look great on all, but are especially perfect for curvier ladies. It’s typically effortless to find a great fit, and easy to situate them on your favorite place on your neckline, which makes for a super comfortable shirt or bathing suit that you can enjoy all summer. Strapless tops are one of our favorite styles for women with short hair and pixie cuts, as it draws attention to hair and face shape. Just beware strapless swimsuits, which are easy targets for a fashion mishap.


V-neck tops have a great habit of flattering everyone’s unique shape. They are ridiculously versatile, and can be paired with just about anything. Bustier ladies or those with a rounder face shape should consider a smaller V to accentuate an hourglass shape, whereas smaller-chested or gals with a narrower face should opt for a deeper plunge. Either way, it’s hard to go wrong with this adaptable top.

Boat Neck

A boat neckline is all the shoulder-accentuating fun of a strapless top without the risk of things slipping down. Ladies with slender necks and shoulders or those hoping to emphasize their collarbones will find this style a great fit. It tends to work best with a small bust, and looks great with a statement necklace.

Following these tips to find your perfect neckline style is a great start to revitalizing your summer wardrobe. When we look great, we feel great! So, whether you’re a bustier gal wanting to a rock a boat neck, or a petite missus strutting her stuff in a halter, approach your summer with confidence. Everything looks great with the right attitude and a great statement timepiece (of course!)

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