How to Personalize Your Watch

A watch is a perfect accessory to personalise, and it’s something you wear every day and take care of more than other products. Personalized watches are a big trend with different options to customise available, here’s a look at different ways to personalise your watch for an even better style.



One of Harper Roses best features is that whichever watch you decided to buy, your strap can be customised for every occasion or even just if your mood changes. Having the ability to go from a rose gold mesh strap to a luxury white leather makes all the difference when it comes to buying a watch, it can be a big commitment to make the purchase but knowing you can alter your choice makes Harper Rose the ideal choice!



Personalized watches tend to come in the form of an engraving, adding your name or a special date to a watch is a subtle yet powerful touch. Most watches can be engraved whether it’s on the clasp or the back of your watch, it’s usually a sentimental touch that makes a watch a personal accessory you’ll cherish.


Customised Faces

It’s a rare find, but there are watches now that can have the face personalised with an image of your choosing. Personalized watches with a unique face are likely to be the easiest to spot if you want to have a timepiece that’s also a talking piece. Having a unique pattern or a personal photo looks to be the top choices when it comes to personalized watches with a face.


Gift Box

Although it’s not a personalized watch exactly, buying or even making a gift box gives your watch a little home while it’s not on your wrist. If you’re thinking of getting a watch as a gift, merely adding the recipient's initials to the boxes makes all the difference when receiving their new watch.


Some options easier to commit to than other but that’s four affordable ways to give your watch a personalised look that with make you appreciate it more than you’d think! You’ll notice that Harper Rose watches are all available with different faces, frames and strap to pick from, so the perfect final choice can be made!