How to make your dog an instagram star!

If you are a subscriber to our Harper Rose watches website you will be very familiar with our use of Facebook and Instagram to bring you great content.

But are you aware that there are a growing number of cute dogs and puppies who have their own social media sites with MASSIVE followings?!

In today’s world we like sharing visual content more than ever before and a lot of us are asking the question “Can I really become instagram famous?” and even “How can I make my dog a star?”.

Firstly let’s take look at some seriously famous dogs. Be sure to search their profiles and see what they are doing right:


Boo : The Pomeranian

This little guy is our favourite! Go an visit him at @Buddyboowaggytails

This was one of the first dogs to become famous on the internet. His owner started a Facebook page for him way back in 2009. To date he has over 17 MILLION Facebook likes! Boo is dressed up in adorable costumes and there are many pictures and videos of Boo playing and getting up to mischief with his best friend Buddy – another Pomeranian. There is now all sorts of accessories available for purchase and he can also be found on Instagram and Twitter at the handle @buddyboowaggytails

Tuna : The Chiweenie

Tuna is a cross between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund. He has a very cute severe overbite and has become an Instagram sensation. He now therefore has 1.6 million Instagram followers!

Mishka : The Husky

Mischka is a You Tube celebrity with just one of her videos that has been viewed over 96 million times ! She melts your heart.

Toast : The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Toast can be seen beside the pool in the Hamptons, shopping in the streets of New York and has even started her own sunglasses campaign!

Marnie : The Shi Tzu

She has over 1.7 million followers who watch when she dresses up in silly costumes and visits
celebrities in New York.

Tips for building a Brand for your new Puppy

Now you have just brought home your own adorable pooch and decide that they are so adorable that the rest of the world should share and be a part of your lives. So what are the next steps?

Follow other social media doggy sites and see how they do it and make a note of the best type of pictures and videos.


Be as creative as possible. A good place to start is showing your pup on a holiday, for example with a Santa Hat on in front of Christmas Presents. Try and experiment with different locations and develop some clever wordplay.


You have to be committed to gaining popularity for your dog.

Get a good camera. A DSLR will take much better pictures than your mobile phone and use photo shop to increase the visibility. Be prepared to take pictures of your doggy at any time because not all cute pics are posed for.

Network at the dog park. You should assist with Charity campaigns. Be prepared to pitch your pooch.

Finally be genuine. Let your pets personality shine.

It won’t be long until your best friend is an Instagram star!