How to Create an Elegant Date Night Look

You know the feeling, it’s date night and you’re suddenly realising that you’ve absolutely got no clothes (whilst surrounded by the contents of your wardrobe across your bedroom). But take a breather, relax and don’t panic, you can create an elegant date night look with minimal effort in no time.


For many, makeup is the most enjoyable part of the getting ready process! Experimenting with dazzling eyeshadows and colourful lipsticks is always fun. However, this can sometimes be a hindrance – especially if time is of the essence. So, why not keep it simple?

A safe option for a date is always lip gloss if you’re going to a restaurant or out for drinks - if you go for a bold lip you’ll have to top it up all night no matter what staying power your favourite matt lip has! For the eyes, a neutral colour is perfect for creating a timeless, elegant look - especially if you’re indecisive when it comes to choosing your outfit. Sticking with safe nude and black colours mean that if you change your outfit last minute you don’t have to panic and change your makeup too!


The key to a good date night look is looking effortlessly polished with the “oh, this old thing?” outfit. A dress or playsuit are definitely safe bets that you know will look fabulous. If you’re after something less revealing, then a jumpsuit with a sleek pair of heels oozes class whilst giving maximum comfort for the whole night.

A simple bodysuit paired with a skirt or shorts can be great, especially for a more casual date where a dress would feel too over the top. For a really chilled out date, then you can never go wrong with a pair of well-fitting jeans, your favourite dressy top and some high black heels. Jeans and nice top combo when in doubt, always.


So, your makeup is looking sleek, your outfit is classically elegant –now it’s time to add some glamour. A statement timepiece can bring your outfit to life – for a pop of colour then a pink leather watch is ideal.

Alternatively, for a more understated look, an all-black watch is a stylish choice paired with a choker necklace and some bangles. If it’s summer and you’ve chosen a dress, then a delicate anklet is the perfect addition to any outfit, giving a surprising element sparkle to your look.

Next time you’re faced with the date night outfit dilemma, just remember that whatever you wear, it’s important you look and feel great! Your signature makeup style may be all you need, teamed with a simple dress and classic rose gold watch; you’re sure to impress with your elegant date night look.