How to Change a Watch Battery

You’ve found the perfect watch, you wear it every day and it matches with all your favourite outfits...then suddenly it stops working. Don’t worry, it’s not broken! Most likely the battery just needs changing. It sounds like a complicated task that you’d rather let someone else do but that really isn’t necessary. Changing your watch battery is easy to do if you follow this step-by step-guide:

  1. Opening the watch – you’ll need a thin or flat tool to prise the back of your watch open. A small screwdriver or pin work well.  Slide the tool underneath the plate and slowly twist the tool always pointing upwards and away from your face, in some cases it can be difficult, but the key is to be gentle. Be careful when you’re opening the watch to push upwards and not outwards to avoid any scratching damage on the watch.
  2. Remove the plate – Once you’ve managed to prise the watch open, the plate should just pop out. Keep a hold of the plate to one side and take a look at the battery your watch takes. You can find a watch battery in most jewellers or failing that a reputable high-street seller.
  3. Replace the battery – Carefully take the old battery out either using your fingernails or some tweezers. Then replace with the new battery face down, push down until it gently clicks. When fitting the new battery use tweezers to avoid touching the battery – any grease or dirt on the battery can reduce the longevity of the battery life. Before you put the plate back, just check your watch is working and that you’ve put the battery in the correct way!
  4. Put the plate back – Take the plate you put to one side and use both thumbs to click it back in place. This may be a little tricky, if it doesn’t feel like it’s going in then just try applying more pressure. Putting the plate in from an angle may help.

You’re ready! There you have it, 4 easy steps to replace your watch battery. Remember, it’s always good practice to give you watch a little clean during these steps. When you take the plate out, you can polish it with a soft cloth, no cleaning liquid necessary. Just make sure you leave no residue on the plate that could get inside and affect the functioning of the watch.