How To Care For Your Harper Rose Watch

So you’ve bought your beautiful new Harper Rose watch and now it’s time to keep it in its best condition. We suggest that you follow the below advice to keep your Harper Rose Watch in top condition for as long as possible.

My leather strap is showing signs of wear. What do I do?

Leather watch straps have variations in texture and colour and these are characteristics of tanned leather. Over time, your watch strap may darken, change in colour or fade and this is completely normal. This is an attribute of leather and is not a fault or defect.

To keep your strap at its best, we recommend treating it to a leather protector before wear as this will help the strap resist moisture and dirt. Keep your watch out of direct sunlight, heat, humidity, water and try to avoid contact with perfumes, moisturisers or makeup.

How do I clean my Harper Rose watch?

Just like us, our watches need their faces washing, too. Just think, on an average summer's day, your watch strap will come into contact with sweat, suncream and spilt beverages.

Things like this happen, so at the end of the day, we recommend taking a few minutes to clean your Harper Rose watch before you head to bed.

Take a soft, clean cloth and wipe the inside of the band and around the case back. This will remove any build-up of lotion and excess moisture which may stain your leather strap. Avoid cleaning your leather watch strap with water, as this will cause it to soak up moisture and potentially crack.

How do I look after my mesh strap watch?

To avoid scratches, place your Harper Rose mesh strap watch in a clean, dry place. Don’t store your watch with other pieces of jewellery as this can end up causing scratches and chips on the strap.

It’s best to store your watch in the box in came in or wrapped in a soft cloth out of direct sunlight. Like the leather watch straps, wipe the mesh strap at the end of each day with a soft cloth to remove any build-up and excess moisture.

How do I take care of the Swarovski crystals on the watch face?

If your Harper Rose watch has Swarovski crystals on the face, then try and avoid storing it with other pieces of jewellery, as this may cause scratching.

Wipe the face with a clean, dry cloth at the end of each day to get rid of any debris or moisture build-up that may have gathered in between the crystals.

The Plating on the back of my Harper Rose watch looks like it is wearing away. Is this normal?

It is the nature of plating to slightly wear away over time, especially if your watch comes into contact with perfumes or body cream.

We recommend that you take your watch off if you think that it may come into contact with perfumes, water or body cream to help preserve its beauty. Rose Gold plating is, by nature, less durable and will fade a quicker with time.

My watch has condensation. What do I do?

If your Harper Rose watch experiences a sudden change in pressure or temperature then you may notice a bit of condensation appear under the glass. This typically disappears on its own if left alone.

Please don’t try and attempt to dry out your watch by exposing it to heat, this will damage the watch and will only cause the condensation to persist.