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What to Do If You Hate Counting Calories

Food has been reduced to fear and numbers. For many people, the constant calculator in their head doesn’t stop running. It may have started out as something to support health but all you ever do now is count calories. But food doesn’t have to be a math equation. So how do you get yourself to stop counting calories and simply enjoy the food?

Focus on food quality

Shifting focus from calories to food quality can prove effective. There is a better probability of achieving your desired weight if you eat more quality food. The liver can focus on metabolizing energy and cleaning the blood since it will not be bombarded by toxins from unhealthy food. When you eat quality food, the body utilizes it optimally since it doesn’t use chemicals to substitute for nourishments. Eat more of fresh, organic food that is naturally grown and nutrient dense.

Nourishment is important

Food is an experience meant to nourish and counting the calories may make it feel like a chore. Calories may give us energy, but food gives a powerful feeling of pleasure so that we survive by feeding ourselves regularly. Keeping your food simple, organic and full of nutrients is a great way to ensure that the food nourishes your body with proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. Focusing on nourishment replaces fear with a relaxation response.

Focus on relaxed eating

Hurried eating has been known to diminish one’s capacity to listen to their own body’s cues for satiety and fullness. Eating more slowly and in a relaxed way allows you to really experience the meal. This ultimately eliminates the need to overeat and allows your appetite to self-regulate. Relaxed eating also helps the body regulate acid secretions and stimulate enzymes, hence optimum digestive function. It is an effective way of telling your nervous system that you can relax, let go of stress and recharge.

A calorie counting diet may help

Even though calories are nothing more than energy, they can easily equal body judgment and lack of willpower considering we live in a body-fearing world. Do your best to go calorie counting free for as long as possible and shift your focus to being present with the food on your plate. Choose meals that most appeal to you and avoid looking at their calorie count listed on the labels. Rather than eat packaged foods that have labels, opt for ones that don’t have any labeling at all to avoid the temptation of looking at the calories listed on them.