Different Types of Women's Watches

Women’s watches come in all beautiful shapes and sizes to suit every girl's taste. The different types of watches available are so vast, it can be tough to choose at times, and with some watches, it isn’t just about how it looks. Here’s a look at some of our favourite styles which might help you in narrowing your choice down to the perfect watch.


Mesh Strap Watch

A style we love at Harper Rose because it can be matched for both casual and formal events. The strap offers an intricate detail up close, but at the same time, it’s a simple style from afar that can be styled to match any outfit. The rose gold is still one of the biggest trends currently, but both the silver and gold colours both offer a premium look for everyday use!


Smart Watches

They've got more traction over the past few years, and their function is the primary purpose rather than the style. They usually look very "techy" with a rubber feel strap. Smart watches are ideal for anyone wanting to keep track of the health and fitness plan. They can also work well for anyone with a busy schedule who wants to keep track of their day, by using notifications through the smartwatch and receiving texts and emails. A watch with amazing functions, but not exactly something you will want to wear with your best dress.



A defining watch for confident women, a chronograph watch offers you a classic timepiece with a built-in stopwatch as a small dial on the face. It’s a more technical looking watch with slightly more design on the face, they're commonly designed with a metal/silver strap but are also available in leather. The different dials on the face work separately with separate stems on the side to operate their functions.


Dress Watch

As far as the different types of watches go, a dress watch is always a good style to have. Dress watches are designed to be elegant with a minimalist design to their face and strap, which means it can be used for everyday functions or a formal occasion. They can be found having either a leather metal strap, but usually, the metal straps are referred to as a bracelet watch.


Digital Watch

A guilty pleasure for some girls out there, a digital watch has a retro vibe some of us love to wear occasionally. Digital watches usually come with a few nice features included, stopwatch, date, alarm and water resistance, Whether or not you find a use for them is another thing. Digital watches are cheap and cheerful, and usually can be found in several colours and styles.


When it comes to the types of watches you pick, you don’t just have to settle for one. Having a few different styles for different occasions will keep you loving all your favourite watches when it comes to wearing them. With Harper Rose, you can always swap between a mesh strap or a leather one to give you a "new watch feel" to your favourite Harper Rose watch face and you can tick off a few different types of watch with our range!