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Classic Styles to Try in Summer 2018

Kelly White

Posted on May 26 2018

Summer is always a great time to think about changing up your style. You can reinvent yourself with a whole new wardrobe and look in time for those long summer days! An easy hack to switching up your look is to start simple and complete with accessories. With this in mind, here are some classic styles to try for this summer 2018:

Maxi Dress

A classic maxi dress is a wardrobe must-have, especially when it gets to summer. The freedom of a comfortable flowing dress combined with style, all achieved with minimal effort. Whether it’s date night, drinks with the girls or a family BBQ, a maxi dress is the perfect go-to for all summer occasions.

Cute Strappy Heels

Forget your worn-out wedges, this summer 2018 is all about cute strappy heels. Strappy heels go with practically everything, if you get them in a black or nude then you can co-ordinate them with every outfit. You don’t have to go to crazy on the heel height, this trend is all about the detailed look of the straps.

Rose Gold Jewellery

Rose Gold Jewellery is a major trend of this year. There’s no better way to subtly bring some glamour to your ensemble than with a mesh rose gold watch. Add some class to your summer evening look with a mesh gold rose watch, playing around with the textures in your outfit. Team with a rose gold anklet or bracelet to really make the colour pop.

Hair Braids

Styling your hair can always be hassle on holiday, especially if you have thick or curly hair that reacts to the humidity! Hair braids are the perfect solution to this, two simple braids look effortlessly good, and add another dimension to your look. Spice things up with colourful hair clips and bands to give your braids a touch of summer.

Glitter Nail Varnish

Complement your watch with some rose gold glitter nail polish. Made with a slightly marbled effect and tons of glitter, glitter nails are a great way to jazz up your classic nail polish. Use just one layer on top of your every day nail colour or add several layers for a truly dazzling effect.

Experimenting with your style to accomplish a classic look to suit you has never been easier. You can achieve an effortless look with even the simplest of outfits, just add some added accessories and painted nails then you’re good to go! Paying attention to the finer details is key here. So, what are you waiting for? Change your wardrobe for the better, out with the old and in with the new.

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