Best Winter Holidays for Sun Seekers

It’s September, and although it means we have to start layering up and expecting a lot more rain, our autumn winter wardrobes can make an appearance! If you’re not ready to the face the cold weather, there are still plenty of places around the world to chase the sun. It can be hard to predict what the weather will be like in some countries, so this week's blog takes you through some of the best winter holidays for sun seekers.


Cape Verde

This winter sun holiday wouldn’t be at the top of everyone’s list but it’s perfectly white beaches and turquoise sea offers sun seekers a dreamy island holiday. Cape Verde is a group of islands just off the coast of Senegal in West Africa and is around a 6-hour flight from the UK. It makes the best winter holidays list because it's a perfect sun spot of relaxing, but also offers tourists the option to experience scuba diving, deep sea fishing and winding surf, so you’ll come back with plenty of stories and a great tan!



If you’re looking for something closer, Morocco is the perfect destination for anyone looking for warm locations rather than too hot! Through the winter, it's temperature stays similar to a successful summer in the UK, so you can expect around 22-28 degrees. Located at the top of Africa, Morocco offers famous resorts and town centres, the local culture of Jemaa el-Fna square is an amazing experience, with belly dancers, snake charmers and antique shops to explore daily.

It’s a unique place to experience as you might be sat in the sun, but in the distance, you’ll be able to see snow-capped mountains, how’s that for picturesque.



All year round sunshine is a dream come true in Dubai, and with a vast luxury lifestyle to explore daily, this wouldn't be your average resort holiday. With some of the most extravagant shopping malls to explore and jeep excursions through the desert to experience, the culture found in Dubai caters for everyone.

And if you not a fan of jeeps, you can always try riding a camel for the first time.



One of the best winter holidays comes from a place that has everything. The country has red sea resorts that cater for those looking for a relaxed all-inclusive holiday, while everyone else can explore beaches, scuba diving and obviously, the pyramids. Though some people give Egypt a bad write up (the busy cities) it's definitely worth looking into!



Hailed as the new Dubai, Doha is the capital of Qatar and has some of the most beautiful man-made views you’ll ever see. It’s an up and coming city based in the Gulf that is along the seaside and has an amazing circular bay that is designed with tall buildings all around it. Being on Doha bay looks to be one of the memorable bays you’ll ever stand on and the city offer hundreds of different things to explore!


Well, the best winter holidays are all there for you to experience, so get one booked and fight back against the realisation that it’s getting colder. On the bright side, it means you’ll be able to view our new collections for the winter.