Best Watch to Buy Based on Your Personality

A women's watch can tell you a lot about the type of person she is, and matching your personality up to your timepiece might make your decision on the best watch to buy much easier! Here's a look at four different styles that might be a perfect match for your personality.

Mesh Strap

A mesh strap in any colour whether you prefer, gold, silver or rose gold, is perfect for anyone looking for a minimalist style with a slight edge on a conventional dress watch. Ideal for any occasion whether you want to use it for your everyday work routine or an evening out, it's a lightweight, comfortable style with just a hint of glamour to catch everyone's eye.

Classic Leather

The traditional style for a traditional girl. A leather strap in any colour works well for most outfits, so if you’re the type to constantly change your fashion style and chase trends, a leather strap might be essential for your collection. You’ll probably want a different watch for with a statement style to go with you bolder outfit choices too. It’s also an excellent choice for those who don’t want their watch to take away attention, a subtle watch which serves a time-keeping purpose.


A girl's best friend, Harper Rose offers a collection of stone mounted Swarovski Crystals in their Alohi range, a style that stands out as much as you bubbly personality. Buying a watch that has diamonds embedded into it shows off a creative nature that wants to stand out from the rest.

Metal Strap

Clean cut and sophisticated for women in business. A metal strap shows off your taste for a robust weighted design that has both a neat and complex face. A metal strap doesn’t have to be too heavy either, thin strap with creatively joint links always adds to the design, and makes it a style that can be worn every day (even out the office).

When picking out the best watch to buy it's important to pick something you know you’ll love wearing every day. It’s not uncommon to have multiple watches (or straps) either, you might want a particular part of your style and personality shown during work, and a completely different side in your personal life, the choice is always yours and hopefully, a least one of these ideas have inspired you.