5 Summer Fashion Blunders you need to stop making now!

As the weather warms up the temptation to release our sun-starved bodies from their winter layers and catch some rays before they go away again can be overwhelming. But while we love the spontaneity a bit of sunshine can bring, this shouldn’t mean losing your fashion sense along with your winter woollies. So what are the 5 summer fashion blunders that you need to stop making right now?

Summer fashion blunders are all too common, so before you rush outside take a look in the mirror and check you’re not making one of these rookie mistakes.


1.    Ill-fitting clothes

So, you’ve unearthed last year’s shorts from the back of the wardrobe, but unless your body shape is exactly as it was this time last year don’t assume everything still fits. Clothing that’s too small can make you look heavy and too big can swamp you.

If it doesn’t fit then don’t wear it. Fluctuations in weight, although natural and healthy are a great excuse to go shopping, so dress for your size. And if your budget is tight invest in two or three good quality pieces that can be swapped around and accessorised easily.

2.    Bizarre crop tops and rips

Crop tops these days can come in some random shapes and can make it look like there’s something you’ve forgotten.

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Bare midriffs are classically associated with the very young. So to keep it classy avoid these all together.

And we are sooo over “distressed” jeans so why carry it through to shorts or cropped jeans? They quickly start to fray in all sorts of directions and give your legs a decidedly uneven tan. Admit it, they’re not for everyone.

3.    VPL

Come on ladies… we all know it happens… A result of super-tight clothing is a visible panty line and a great

outfit can be ruined by badly-fitting underwear.  With the advent of seamless undies to fit all shapes and sizes that don’t involve thongs there’s simply no excuse these days for VPL.

Visible bra straps are also out of the question unless that’s the look you’re going for. There are countless bra style options to choose from these days from strapless to racer-back so always wear one that suits your outfit.

4.    Sandals with socks or tights

It’s wonderful to let your feet breathe in open-toed sandals so why cover them up with socks or hosiery? The socks and sandals combo is a cliché. But unless you’re a celebritywith a quirky style and you’re either wearing them ironically or using them to complete a specific look. Then just don’t do it. If you do need to wear hosiery with sandals then opt for nude or naked tights with seamless toes.

5.    Too many accessories

Accessories are meant to compliment your style, not overwhelm it. A little extra bared flesh doesn’t mean loading it up with jewellery.

Too much can look awkward so go minimal with one or two stand-out statement pieces that are beautiful and practical. Take a look at the Harper Rose Watch collection for some summer inspiration.