4 Unique Gift Ideas for Women You Might Not Have Considered

Regardless of how long you’ve been with your partner, it can at times, be tough to buy the perfect gift. Whether it’s the first present you’re buying them, or you're struggling after five years to pick something, finding unique gifts for women is a real challenge. Here’s a look at four unique gifts for women that’ll make your partner love you even more!


Personalised Art

This should hopefully inspire a few different ideas for unique gifts for women, and you can go as simple as getting a cute picture of you together framed or put onto a canvas. However, there are now niche artists that will take a picture and make it into a piece of hand-drawn art, which makes the idea much more personal and unique for any living space around the home.


Spa Getaway

Because what girl is going to say no to a weekend away at a spa. Whether they go with you or a friend, any girl will love both the anticipation and actually going to the resort. It’s a perfect idea as most spas let you pay for the weekend and receive a gift pack, as something tangible to give them as the gift, then she can book the dates she’s available at her own leisure.


Something to Grow

Every girl loves getting given flowers, but sadly, it’s not a long-term gift. There are thousands of different flowers, plants and even trees that you can buy as a gift for a loved one. With all the choices available, you can consider what type of plant you think they will enjoy, whether it’s something that will last years like a Bonsai tree or some low maintenance like a cactus. By just going into a local florist, they should be able to help you find something that will be perfect.


Goodie Bag

This present will usually score you extra points, while also being affordable! Creating a little package full of her favourite things adds this idea to the unique gifts for women top 4, as it’s all tailored to her personality and a lot more thought goes into each item. Scented candles, her favourite movie, a bag of sweets and a framed picture is all it takes to put a smile on their face. Naturally, you can add as many things as you want to the goodie bag and potentially spoil them with multiple small gifts rather than one large present.


Hopefully, if these ideas for unique gifts for women aren’t quite what you’re looking for, they’ve inspired you to explore a couple of new ones! It’s important not to overthink buying a loved one a gift, and sometimes it can be a simple as buying them something that they don’t have or something they wouldn’t usually purchase themselves.