4 Bridal Watch Styles to Look Out For

The assumption with bridal watches is that they need to be white to match the dress, in 2018 this isn’t exactly true. With bridal trends becoming more & more unconventional, so can the accessories you put with them. Here’s a look at four bridal watch styles that will inspire you to wear either something eye-catching or a subtle treasure that you’ll always cherish.



To start things off, picking a delicate timepiece with a white strap is perfect for those who don’t want their watch to highlight the ensemble. A simple watch with a white strap, face and a silver or gold casing will work perfectly with any dress and won’t take away anything from the bride. It’s the perfect style for any women that can’t leave the house without having a watch on.



A unique take on a watch that might not be something you could wear every day but the elaborate design and detail is perfect for your wedding day. Pearls, diamonds and gold are all popular in the current designs of these stylish bracelets that just happen to also tell the time.


Mesh Strap

A modern version of what we would call a traditional watch. A mesh strap watch offers a sleek design that isn’t too elaborate to take away anything from the dress. It will look perfect if you match up your jewellery to complement the style in silver, gold or rose gold. It’s a style of bridal watches that will add a little extra colour to a mesmerisingly white dress.


Metal Strap

If you’re looking for a bridal watch that takes some of the attention, a metal strapped watch in the right colour is perfect. A large face on the front helps to define the watch and shows its intention with the outfit. A silver watch is proving to be a popular choice in recent months, and one of the best things about buying a metal strap is that you can have it engraved to remind you of the first day you wore it, your wedding day.


Four ideas for four different types of brides. It would be surprising if you liked all the ideas for bridal watches as they’re all quite unique with some being subtle for a lady wanting to know the time and some being a defining piece of the bride's final look.