10 Life Hacks to get you through the week!

Sometimes simply just getting thought the day can feel too much like hard work. Life can feel like one long series of micro-aggressions designed just to wind you up. So we’ve trawled through the most popular social media and websites to bring you the Top 10 Life Hacks to help you get organised. And above all – impress your friends with your sheer ingenuity.

Ready to become a Life Hack supremo? Let’s Go!


#1 The Elevator Trick

1. Hold the Close Door button until the doors closes
2. Keep your finger on the Close Door button while pressing the button for your floor
3. Wait until the elevator starts to move
4. Take your fingers off the buttons, the elevator will now go straight to your floor without stopping


#2 Easy ice pack

Soak a sponge in water then freeze it in a zip-loc bag. Instant ice pack! As the ice melts it gets absorbed back into the sponge so no leakage.

#3 Fool proof iced coffee

Pour freshly brewed coffee into an ice cube tray and freeze it. Use them to make your favourite iced coffee drink with no dilution.

#4 Quick charge for your phone

If your phone battery is dying and you don’t have time to wait for a full charge, switch it to ‘Airplane Mode’ – it will charge quicker.

#5 Save your fingers

When banging in a nail, hold it with a clothespin – it will prevent your fingers from being whacked with the hammer.

#6 Instant wine chiller

Keep a stash of frozen grapes in the freezer to instantly cool white wine.

#7 Preserve your chords

Use a pen spring around your charger to keep the chord from breaking.

#8 Stop paint spilling

Put a rubber band on a paint can to use as a scraper and prevent paint overload on the brush

#9 Soda can tabs create space

Double up on wardrobe space by using soda can tabs on hangers. Also useful for spacing hangers to prevent clothes creasing.

#10 They also keep your straw in place

Stop your straw from bobbing up from your soda by spinning the tab around to keep it in place.

Feel better now? Now go out there and show the world you got this!